Learn Trading/ Stock Market – Advanced

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Course Modules:

  1. Basics of Different Markets
  2. Fundamental Analysis
  3. Technical Analysis
  4. Open Trading Account
  5. Begin Trading
  6. How to Book Profits and earn profits everyday
  7. Trade Secrets
  8. Minimise the Loss
  9. Manage Market Risks
  10. How to invest wisely


  1. Duration: 2 months
  2. Weekly Classes: 3 classes
  3. Mode: Online/ Teams

Note: Batch Timing will be allocated by your counselor..

3 reviews for Learn Trading/ Stock Market – Advanced

  1. Rahul

    Life Changing

  2. Deepanshu Pareek

    I like this course personally & also suggest others who are starting to earn money through trading as this course covers all the aspects of a new investor as well as experienced to have a basic to advance knowledge of share market & how it is done.

  3. Yamaraka Rahul

    I learned a lot about stock market concepts and technical terms & this course helped me understanding charts.

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