Business Analytics Course | 3 months


Course Duration: 3 months

Weekly Classes: 2 Classes

Course Modules:

  1. Introduction to Business Analytics
  2. Descriptive statistics and statistical inference
  3. Probability theory and decision making under uncertainty
  4. Sensitivity analysis
  5. Markov processes (Taking data from the past record, observing trends, and predicting future)
  6. The uses of statistical models in practice, such as regression, time series analysis, and forecasting
  7. Optimization and simulation techniques
  8. Analyzing complex decisions: How to determine optimal strategies in situations involving several decision alternatives
  9. The applications of suitable techniques for analyzing and solving business/management problems
  10. Project work on all the modules

Note: Batch Timing will be allocated by your counselor and classes will begin wtihin 1 week of the payment


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